terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2007

Rensenbrink (2)

"Since quitting as a player, Rensenbrink, whose introvert modesty makes Dennis Bergkamp look like Dennis Rodman, has kept an extraordinary low profile. (...)
He still has no desire to become a coach -- 'coaches age faster' -- and has spent much of the last twenty years fishing. 'I like fishing, but not every day. I have a garden. I have a house. I have a family. I live. I have fun. I prefer to be quiet.' He watches football, but is amused by the 'nonsense" talked by most pundits: 'They talk about it like it's an academy subject, but in the end it's a simple game. After all the theories, all you need is eleven good players and a trainer who tells them to stand in the right place.'"

("Brilliant orange: the neurotic genius of dutch football", David Winner)

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