sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

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(ainda que com um atraso danado)

* sobre Mário de Carvalho e o seu último romance: este texto de João Paulo Sousa no Da Literatura, mais este de Sérgio Lavos no Auto-retrato;

* sobre Rubem Fonseca, texto de Eduardo Pitta;

* a entrevista de David Berman à Pitchfork, via vidro duplo:

Pitchfork: When you're not recording, do you have a daily routine?

David Berman: I read a lot. I read, like, ten hours a day.

Pitchfork: Sounds perfect.

David Berman: I figure that's what I'm supposed to do when I'm not working. I think that I'm supposed to keep learning, in order to be useful in the event of an emergency, I don't know. I still have to learn how to make knots and all of that stuff. And why France collapsed so easily in 1940. There's a million things I have not caught up to. I spend a lot of time reading, a lot of time reading the Torah and Jewish texts, Jewish history. For about a year, I haven't read any fiction. It just strikes me as completely irrelevant.

* Cohen de bolso, João Bonifácio no Sinusite Crónica;

* Psychologist coach who puts Barça stars on the couch, entrevista de Simon Kuper a Frank Rijkaard no Finantial Times:

[sobre Messi:] He’s a fantastic dribbler, but he was making leaps forward by seeking variation in his game: one time you dribble, another time you give the ball back and go deep. And then you don’t have the risk that his team-mates just watch who he’s dribbling past. He was becoming more effective by doing less. He was fighting so hard for that. There was a rising line: he was becoming even more dominant. So this is a gigantic setback. I know how hard it is for him not to play matches. ‘Give me the ball, whether there’s 10 people watching or 100,000’.

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