sábado, 5 de julho de 2008

this silly profession

AJH: I read in a interview that you paid 100 crowns for your diploma?

MJ: Yes, we had to do a viva to graduate and defend a topic, and an assistant professor was selling these topics, of course. So it's not really the whole diploma, as there were a total of five vivas we had to do, and it was only one that I paid for. It was international law, as I had no interest in that at all.

The two things I really liked were the philosophy of law, as the teacher was something of a liberal, and Roman law. After that I was an assistant lawyer for a while. If I hadn't chosen this silly profession (film-making), I would be a millionaire. It's to stupid to even think about. But after 1945, I decided to become a film-maker. (...)

(Miklós Jancsó entrevistado por um tipo chamado Andrew James Horton.)

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